Samara (Cyndie) de Silva

Samara is a freelance writer and Illustrator who was born in Sri Lanka. She is a member of the Sudbury Writers Guild in Ontario, and is introducing her writings, which brings a taste of childhood in her previous island nation to her new homeland Canada and the world.

Helping protect and preserve our heritage

About Samara (Cyndie) de Silva

The Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala Sri Lanka influenced her very first title Oafie the Orphan Elephant. The success of her blue elephant character and her original stories made her build up The OAFIE BOOKSHELF COLLECTION.  Her most recent eBook release JEEVAHATTE – The INDIGO FEATHER is a colourful version of her, soon to be released, novel JEEVA-HATTE -THE YAKKA LEGACY. The book shares in light hearted experience and a glimpse of the life and times of the legendary King Vijaya, and where an aboriginal boy, a Sri Lankan girl meets up with a Canadian boy. 

The author studied in the English medium at Good Shepherd Convent Colombo. Encouraged by the British nuns and teachers who taught her lessons in school and lessons in life she has won awards for English, Drama, the Sciences and athletics. Samara believes in a blend of the Arts and Sciences and obtained a Degree in Liberal Sciences from Laurentian University. She is presently completing a Masters at the University of Bradford, UK. 

Her passion is to make the world a better place and a happier one for all. “The life I have lived, my experiences, my children, my friends, professors and ofcourse my fans and parents are my inspiration.” Samara has two children and now lives in Sudbury, Ontario. She enjoys kayaking, motorcycle riding, walking and running trails, debating scientific stuff, cooking and taking the bus.

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